About Us


Maximize the potential of the Jefferson Day Report Center as a community public safety strategy that promotes law-abiding behavior to non-violent offenders through carefully supervised evidence-based correctional treatment programs, services, and activities proven to reduce recidivism and the collateral costs of incarceration. 

Jefferson Day Report Center
Ronda Eddy, Executive Director
John Mason
Amy Bearman
Ashley Reed
Judy Adkins
Jefferson County Criminal Justice Board Members
Dale Manuel, President, Member-At-Large
Sheri Hoff, Vice President, Substance Abuse Treatment
Pete Dougherty, Treasurer, Sheriff
Deborah Cornwell, Secretary, Member-At-Large
Ralph Lorenzetti, Prosecutor
Vacant, Public Defender
Alex White, Board of Education
Leona Cook, Mental Health
Joan Christian, Victim Advocate
Margaret Walker, Victim Advocate
John Aldis, Member-At-Large
C. Mark Hoff, Ex-officio, Chief Probation
Gail Boober, Ex-officio, Magistrate
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